Sports Betting

Despite the regulations in some countries which ban sports betting in their area, people always find betting on their favorite sports interesting. Today, sports fans realize that they can do something more than just watching their favorite club fighting against another club. Instead of doing only that, they can also make money from every match. […]

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Has Pep Guardiola succeeded in Germany?

After his predecessor, Jupp Heynckes, won the treble with Bayern Munich in his final season at the club, including the German giant’s first Champions League success in 12 years, it was always going to be big shoes to fill for Pep Guardiola in the summer of 2013 as he returned to football following a sabbatical […]

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Basic football betting and general sports betting rules

Betting is generally illegal for most of the games. Some games, like horse racing and few more have the opportunity to make betting legally. Though it can be done for the recreation and business, the main thing is, the morality of the game should not be damaged. There are many unknown facts about the football […]

The Free Online Slot Machines & Real Money Casinos

To play and win at real money slots online is fun and profitable. But, your choice of the casino where you play the games matters most. The casino should provide all the games you want to play, and be safe, reputed and reliable with good banking and cash-out facilities, customer support, and catering to all […]

Budding football star from Emirates receives Player of the Year award

Looking at the level of football that is being played in Asia, there are number of new talents that are coming up in the field of football. One such amateur player who has recently become a known name in the field of football is Ahmed Khalil. This young player has been playing for the United […]

Don’t expect cup pick-me-up for Newcastle United

image by domfell

It is fair to say that the 2015/16 campaign has been something of a struggle for Newcastle United, and that is putting things mildly.
After scrapping their way to safety on the final day last season, with Mike Ashley breaking his silence to assure supporters that funds would be made available and the rather out-of-sorts John […]

Football and Possible Transfers Post Premier League

Football is a sport in which the strength of a team matters allot. Each and everything has to be planned while keeping all the factors under consideration. To many people football might seem to be a game in which players just get into the ground at random places and start playing against each other randomly. […]

Louis Figo drops himself from FIFA presidential election, accusing Blatter to be dictator

On Thursday, it has been reported that Louis Figo is dropped from the race of presidential election of FIFA. He accused the current governor, Sepp Blatter, to be a dictator, who is running football for his greed of power.
The former football giant of Portugal, Figo stated that he would not accept to go along with […]


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